The great celebrity con

There seems to be a mindset that some of those who experience worldwide fame have; the “everything I do will be fabulous and everyone will love it” mindset. Whether it’s fragrances, books, charities or music, these people believe that if they put their (famous) name to it, it will be an instant hit – and

What can we learn from bands reforming?

Wherever you turn at the moment, it seems that old bands are reforming and recording new material and/or touring again.  Often, they cite the reason behind this as “we’re doing it for the fans”- but is this really the case?

The dark side of fame

Picture the scene.  It’s a hot summer’s day and your band have just played another headline festival show, and you’ve had 40,000 people sing your songs back at you. 40,000 people love your music and your band, that’s something special, isn’t it? You then go back to your hotel, or maybe to an after party,